At Secret of Saugatuck Suites, we understand the trust you put in our resort and staff.  With this comes great responsibility.  We are taking necessary precautions to make our environment safe for our guests and staff.

We have added to our regular operations the necessary steps to put your safety first.  In this time of concern, we are committed to educating and training our staff as the CDC releases any information pertaining to COVID-19 to take proactive steps for cleanliness, sanitation, and social distancing.

We are opening for Memorial Day 2020.  Our resort is allowed to open per our governor’s declaration.  We will keep up to date on any changes to the policy every day.

With our opening, we have educated our staff on new policies regarding new procedures for cleaning, maintenance, and safety.

Below are some of the changes we have put in place for the enjoyment and safety of our guests:

-Sanitizing cleaning products will be found in each room.

-We are minimizing room decorations to reduce total surface area.

-Rooms will be sanitized with the necessary products to fight the virus with emphasis on frequently touched surfaces such as door keypads, handles, gates, laundry facility, and common areas.

-Masks and gloves for cleaning staff.

-Minimal contact with guests.

At our resort, all of our units are self check-in.  There is not a common office necessary for access to rooms.  When you arrive on site, you will go directly to your unit, enter your code in the sanitized keypad and be all set for your stay.  When you arrive, the room will be clean and sanitized.  You will notice the necessary cleaning products to maintain the cleanliness and sanitization of your unit.

In the past, we have overloaded the rooms with supplies.  This year we will estimate supplies on the length of your stay.  If you need any additional items, please ask Cheryl in the morning or the staff on site during the day.  They will take care of anything you need.  We understand most of our guest are return guests, but we want to reassure we are taking the current global concerns serious and applying them to our small resort and town in Southwest Michigan.   Even though we typically attract visitors from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, we are determined to stay on top of current changes concerning health and safety.

The City of Saugatuck is also taking steps necessary for tourist safety such as hand washing and sanitizing areas throughout the city.  Most all restaurants will be open as of May 1st with take-out.  Many of the restaurants have outdoor areas for dining.  From our discussions with restaurant owners, the goal is being fully open by Memorial Day with normal operations within state guidelines.  They are also addressing necessary occupancy concerns and operating within state guidelines.

Our resort is small with only 20 units on over 4 acres in the City of Saugatuck.  The units all have a full kitchen along with dining tables and chairs if you choose not to go to a restaurant.

We do not have any closed common walkways.  All of our units are accessed through open outdoor areas.  Our staff will not be in your unit during your stay unless there is a definite need.  Our pool area is large with tables all spaced necessary distances.  We also have open maintained grassy areas and outdoor parking.  The level of contact with others is your decision.

Oval beach is one of the largest in the area with the ability to roam from others by walking north at the beach.  Many towns nearby have been forced to close some of their water access areas due to high water levels forcing congestion.  Saugatuck offers the safe lakeshore areas, beaches, bike paths and hiking trails for a family vacation which can include social distancing.

For all questions, please feel free to contact us at 269-455-0240 for any additional information.